Ashley Hiroga-Stirk (Ashley Hiroga for Short) Edit

Ashley was adopted from America, but was brought to and raised in Japan. Birthday: 2883, June, 15

Biography Edit

She was birthed to unknown parents, though her foster parents allowed her to know at the age of 10 that she was adopted, and that her original last name would be Stirk. Ashley felt it would be wrong for her to leave Japan for it was all she knew. Due to her being fostered by rich parents, having ambitions of becoming greater than her self and the way that she looked compared to her peers, Ashley was extensively bullied at school. In 2899, in Ashley's junior year of high school, when she was 16, she was pushed down a flight of stairs. Her bullies left her alone to die, but she survived. Akira, one of Ashley's only friends and the most popular girl in school, saved her by getting her to a hospitol where Ashley was in a coma for 17 weeks. When she awoke, she healed quickly and the next day went back to school. She saw the boy that pushed her down the stairs and blacked out, next thing she knew, Akira was pulling her off the boy. While the boy survived, it was barely. His face was barely recognizable. She moved a few days later. Her family explained it was to show that the new school she was going to was good. Ashley stayed in touch with Akira but never told about her family's wealth...

She joined college in 2901. She and Akira originally went to the different colleges and were trying to get an assortment of degrees, from Medical to Electrical engineering. Ashley would join Akira in her second year of college and leaving her in her 3rd. This made a mockery of her family and the Hirogas almost disowned her. While her mother would continue to love and support Ashely, the rest of the family was in disgrace. It wasn't until she was laying on her penthouse couch when she watched a comercial for music. It was at this point in time that she decided to try to make a band. She was good at singing, all she needed was others to help her.

Behind the scenes Edit

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