Kiro and Kyron are the Spector brothers of Germany. They have been making music for years and helped expand Dark Galaxy out. From an average band to something interesting. Without them, there would be no main guitar and rythmic guitar. They do everything together and always try to get better and better every day. They are mostly selfish and rely on other band members for the more public appearances and giveaways.

Their father, Michel Fassebloq Spector is a successful fountain drink industry giant, despite some incompetent steps.

Kiro spector Edit

Kiro was born first but is most likely going to die last. He is the calmer of the two brothers. Being twins, they got in trouble a lot in school. Mostly because of the way they criticized people or things or places. Kiro thinks a little more about the situation, more the the intuitive and insightful. In 6th grade, Kiro thought of a way to make sure that he didn't have to fight anyone. Because he found that way of setlling feuds to be pointless. He stopped caring about threats and trash talk, which ended up causing him to stop his way of criticism in the school environment until the end of the 7th grade. In 8th grade, he got tired of the teachers always mistaking himself and his brother, so they both dyed their hair and Kiro became the blue-striped haired nerdy kid.

Kyron Spector Edit

His thinking process is truly hard to decipher. He can really be anything or anyone. But for now, he's a generally happy person. When he takes a break from music-making, he helps out his father during business hours. He's had thoughts of going solo with his music making career, and he's even made some experimental tracks without his brother, but he never really lets those thoughts bother him. The main problem with Kyron is that his is quick to act, and always has feuds with him. He is the total polar opposite of Kiro. In 8th grade, Kyron was apart of Kiro's plan to not be mixed up all the time, so he dawned a red stripe on his head.

Behind the scenes Edit

Writer/Creator:Ryan Pomeroy [pen-name Kyrinto Nawote] created these charactors kind of as comic relief,as a the contrast of charactor and thinking style.

Co-writer Salim Ibrahim [pen-name EZRA MacDUNN] absent-mindedly considered writing the Spectors as future businessmen. But he does sprinkle that into them.